Home Learning Tasks

  1. Make sure you are enrolled in the correct Moodle courses.

    Browse through Subjects at the top and find your class for one of your subjects. Click on it, then click Enrol me. Repeat for your other subjects.
    Enrolling in the correct Moodle courses

  2. Go to the Calendar to see Home Learning Tasks.

    The dates when HLTs are set are in purple. The dates when HLTs are due are in gold.
    Calendar with HLTs

Seeing Home Learning Tasks from last year?

You might need to ‘unenrol’ from your Moodle courses from last year:

  1. Go to My courses in the red Navigation box.

    Click on a course in the list that is from a previous year.
    My courses

  2. Find the grey Administration box on the course page.

    It will usually be on the left hand side.
    Unenrol me

  3. Click Unenrol me from course name.

  4. Repeat for any other courses that are from a previous year.

Last modified: Thursday, 13 October 2016, 11:27 AM