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Macbeth Theatre Trip, Shakespeare’s Globe in London

Macbeth Theatre Trip, Shakespeare’s Globe in London

by Mrs C Gibbs -
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Macbeth Trip

On Sunday 13th October, 35 pupils in Year 10 and 11 went on a trip to see Macbeth at the Shakespeare’s Globe in London.

We left at lunchtime on Sunday to travel to the Globe Theatre in London. This is the next controlled assessment the Year 11 English groups will be completing, so it was amazing to see a performance on stage, and even more special to visit The Globe! It was pouring with rain but thankfully we were seated under cover on benches.  We just had to hire cushions for £1 each. The groundlings stand at the front and get wet. Macbeth was played by Joseph Millson, who has most recently been in Holby City.  He was menacing and made the character really come to life.  The witches were a little strange, and having smoke rise from between the floorboards added a spooky element.  The ghost of Banquo was created very effectively using a lot of theatrical make up.  Macbeth is a gory tale of murder and deceit, but the performance also contained an element of humour.  Bodies were rolled off stage through a trap door which amused the audience. The production used hardly any props – it was very modest, but told the story clearly.  We arrived home rather late on Sunday evening but it was well worth it.

“Tell Miss Hiscock we will be so tired tomorrow at school we may not be able to pursue our personal excellence” — Steven