This course contains older help and guides on various IT-related topics.

It is essential that any data that identifies pupils, or data about which they are the subject, is stored securely. If this data is on a memory stick, external hard drive or other mobile storage medium, it must be encrypted. This course explains, visually, how to do this on the Test Valley School network.

How to use LanSchool — a piece of software that will make the management of classrooms with computers a lot easier!

This course is a brief introduction to using Moodle for Test Valley School teachers. We'll show you the basic concepts, as well as share best practices for how to organise your Moodle courses.

Information on how you can get access to a Home Use copy of Microsoft Office while you are employed by Test Valley School.

Information and help on Microsoft Office 365 -- the school's email system.

Information and guidance on how to use the telephone system.

Instructions and information on accessing the Whole School Calendar.