Scheme of Work

Each year group is studying the Edexcel recommended GCSE Scheme of Work.

As you can see by comparing between year groups, this gives a the opportunity to establish excellent over-learning practices with our younger pupils whilst still challenging the highest prior achievers. Where older pupils have already covered a number of topics and have greater experience, they should be able to cover the topics in less time. Key Assessments are shown on the SOW but we also complete short quizzes at regular intervals to check understanding and recall of all topics and sub-topics covered.


All HLTs for are set on the Hegarty Maths website. These are set each week by the teacher and is personalised to each pupil. It is a both an online and a written homework  and pupils have books to record their notes and workings in. Advice on how this works is below. Pupils have created their own passwords for this. If a pupil has forgotten there is an option for them to ask for their password to be reset.

Career Opportunities